Film set catering; Vegan & vegetarian

Fat carrot film catering
We cater vegetarian and Vegan food for productions working in Kent.  We are Albert accredited. Please call or mail (Contact) for details.
What is Albert Accredited?

It’s a film industry initiative which:

aims for all UK screen content to be made in a way that benefits individuals, industry organisations and the planet. Delivered against the following objectives

  • to reduce the environmental impact of the production process
  • to enable industry organisations to realise the environmental aspect of their stated vision and its implication for audience engagement

Staff training: Vegetarian food in pubs & restaurants

Fat Carrot training course

We also offer a half day staff training course for pubs and restaurants to help them understand what is means to be vegetarian or vegan, including important sections like ‘ What foods are suitable for each group.’
We give an insight into why customers may be asking for these options and why it makes business sense to make sure they are right.

Vegetarianism and veganism are the fastest growing sectors of the food industry, especially in the important 18-34 age group.

The training course is £180 for up to 10 staff (at one session). It includes an information pack and meal / dessert recipes if required.